Bluestocking 2018 Official Selections

In alphabetical order by title


16 Weeks

Carlota Coronado

Synopsis: Vanessa is the perfect candidate for the job, but...

RT: 5:00

2017, Spain / Maine Premiere



Gia Frino

Synopsis: Ten-year old Margaret Mary has a problem. A dentureless, dribbling problem to be exact. Will her efforts to get rid of her elderly grandmother pay off? Or will she be forced to share her house (and her parents) forever?

RT: 5:00

2017, Australia / Maine + U.S. Premiere



Mark Brocking

Synopsis: A female artist inherits a mysterious gift with otherworldly consequences.

RT: 10:00

2018, United Kingdom / Maine + New England Premiere


Candle Magic

Alix Bannon

Synopsis: Four girls go to celebrate Sofia's sixteenth birthday with a little magic.

RT: 10:41

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere


Come On In

Jody L. Miller

Synopsis: Beverly is hell bent on having a meaningful relationship. But as she talks on the phone with an unknown caller, we learn that Beverly isn’t all that she seems.

RT: 6:44

2018, U.S. / World Premiere


Cross My Heart

Sontenish Myers

Synopsis: An American teenage girl visits her family in Jamaica and uncovers a secret that changes the way she sees the people she loves.

RT: 13:32

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere



Christina Raia

Synopsis: The lives of three women collide in one night when two of them decide to rob the house where the other is house sitting.

RT: 7:55

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere



Zoe Salicrup Junco

Synopsis: The loss of a dear family member forces a young woman and her mother to close a chapter in their lives they haven't quite let go of yet

RT: 7:54

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere


Lux Aeterna

Edith Tvede

Synopsis: The young and ambitious journalist Helene gets the story that could make her career, when she discovers a secret invention by the Danish-born top scientist Ellen Franklin, but as the invention’s potential for catastrophic consequences become clear to her, she is forced consider how much personal ambitions are allowed to cost both oneself and the world.

RT: 26:01

2017, Denmark / Maine + U.S. + North American Premiere


Not even a line

Victor Somoza

Synopsis: As they do every afternoon Encarna and Rosario meet up to have churros for afternoon snack in their neighbourhood café. However, today is a special day. Today they’ll be changing their usual conversation topics.

RT: 17:00

2017, Spain / Maine + New England Premiere


One Small Step

Aqsa Altaf

Synopsis: A 9-year-old girl attempts to juggle the responsibilities of school and her younger siblings after her mother goes missing.

RT: 13:18

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere



Leandro Goddinho

Synopsis: Claudia decides to investigate her recently deceased grandmother's past. Through a letter, she finds Marlene, an old German lady who lives in Brazil and keeps her memories inside a pool without water. During the visit, the old lady reveals details of her life that intersect with Claudia's grandmother's past, a German fugitive of WWII.

RT: 29:00

2016, Brazil / Maine Premiere


Searching for Isabelle

Stephanie Jeter

Synopsis: While being held captive, Isabelle discovers a mysterious ability to project herself to the outside world. When she appears to two of her friends in a desperate appeal for help, they work together to try and find her. But time is running out.

RT: 16:15

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere



Fabia Castro

Synopsis: Manuela is an actress willing to do anything to get a role.

RT: 3:00

2017, Spain / Maine + New England Premiere



Mary Molina

Synopsis: During the hottest day ever recorded in human history, a fastidious maid’s duties are interrupted when her vagina comes to life.

RT: 8:59

2017, U.S. / Maine + New England Premiere