Bluestocking Film Series returns July 18-19!

2 days of women in film at SPACE Gallery!

Set in the beautiful, culturally vibrant city of Portland during Maine's glorious summer, Bluestocking Film Series is an exclusive showcase for films that pass the Bechdel Test and feature fascinating, multifaceted female protagonists who drive the story and lead the action.

Think about the last movie you saw. Now ask yourself:

  1. Were there two or more (named) women characters in it?
  2. Did they talk to each other?
  3. Did they talk about something other than a man?

These three simple questions are called the Bechdel Test. Once you start applying the test to the films you watch, you will notice that even in the year 2014, there is still a long way to go to see as many women characters in movies who are as strong and complex as their male counterparts.

But all 12 films to be shown at the Bluestocking over 2 evenings are A-Rated and feature complex female protagonists. The program was curated by Bluestocking's Founder and Artistic Director Kate Kaminski with assistance and input from two discerning judges: Ellen Tejle (A-Rating activist and Director at Cinema Rio in Stockholm, Sweden) and Amanda Trokan (Director of Content at the crowdfunding site Seed&Spark). Trokan has also worked at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and is a screener for the Hamptons International Film Festival.

And now...the 2014 official selections!

Friday, July 18th Screening Lineup

Hanna (Joel Stockman, Sweden - World Premiere)
Dear Santa (Maura Smith, Massachusetts - Maine Premiere)
The Run (Penny Eizenga, Canada - World Premiere)
Countertransference (Madeleine Olnek, not in competition)
Grace (Liz Cooper, Australia - Maine Premiere)
The Rapture and Gammy Gwen (Brittany Reeber, Texas - East Coast Premiere)

Saturday, July 19th Screening Lineup

Crystal (Chell Stephen, US/Canada - Maine Premiere)
Sticks and Stones (Chloe Dahl, Los Angeles - New England Premiere)
Gretchen (Carin Bräck, Sweden - US Premiere)
Rawhead and Bloody Bones (Merry Grissom, Los Angeles - Maine Premiere)
Cabbie (Brian C Miller Richard, Louisiana - Maine Premiere)
Kimbap (Alex Kyo Won Lee, New Zealand - US Premiere)

Also playing, out of competition, will be two surprise shorts to be unveiled at the screenings.