And The Bitch Pack 'Best in Show' winner is...


Petra Oh stars in 'Kimbap'

Petra Oh stars in 'Kimbap'

Congratulations to director Alex ‘kyo won’ Lee and writer-producer Dr. Sapna Sawant! Their New Zealand-based short film Kimbap was selected by Thuc Nguyen (the mastermind behind The Bitch Pack) for a special Bluestocking 2014 ‘Best in Show’ award.

The Bitch Pack is a collective of creatives and film & media students advocating for better representation of women ‘on the page ‘ by focusing on Bechdel Test passing screenplays and dialogue between women. (We LOVE that!!!) One result is their literacy campaign known as The Bitch List (a.k.a. The Bechdel List) and on April 25th, Script Magazine named The Bitch Pack their screenwriting ‘website of the week.’

The leader of The Bitch Pack is Thuc Doan Nguyen. Nguyen hails from the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, has lived in the UK and New York City, and is now based in Los Angeles. You can find her at

Here’s what she had to say about Kimbap: ‘I chose the film because of the excellent acting, the relationship between mother and daughter (also the one between the two children), and the handling of racial and cultural differences as subject matter. All the elements came together well and were refreshing to me.’

Kimbap will screen on Saturday, July 19. The film was a holdover from our 2013 season and was the first to be selected for screening in 2014. Lee and Sawant are both first-time filmmakers. And this is also the first year the Bluestocking has taken submissions from male directors. A lot of firsts for everyone – so, congratulations again to all!

Dr. Sapna Sawant’s production company, Holy Cow Media is on Vimeo.

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