World Premiere ROAD MOVIE **Cellphone** Challenge

We LOVE road movies. In fact, we love them so much that, in homage to the release of "Thelma and Louise" 25 years ago, we created an entire World Premiere category calling for submissions of female-driven road movies for Bluestocking Film Series 2016.

And now, we're taking it one step further. We are putting out a special call for female-driven short films in the ROAD MOVIE category — specifically, 7 minutes or less — that have been shot on your handheld device.

You are free to choose ANY genre to express your road narrative, but the film should explore how being unmoored from our everyday fixed places brings about change, for good or bad.

We encourage filmmakers to take a handmade, organic approach to the subject of road narrative. Surprise us. Shock us. Move us. Make us cry. Even remake a classic.

Whatever form your 7-minute ROAD MOVIE takes, here are the *ironclad* Rules of the Game. To qualify:

1. Must feature a complex female protagonist at the center of the story.

2. Must pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test. Every film should therefore feature 2 or more female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man, men, or boys.

3. Must be 7 minutes or less total running time (including title and credits sequences).

4. The primary action of the movie must take place ON THE ROAD in a literal sense.*

5. You must use your cellphone (or tablet) as the camera.

*We reserve the right to interpret the literal sense of ON THE ROAD.

Everything else is up to you.

What YOU get:

1. Every qualified entrant is granted a 100% fee waiver to the festival up to our final deadline, April 29.* Email us at to get your waiver code.

2. If selected, your film will make its World Premiere at Bluestocking Film Series 2016.

3. You will be eligible for all prizes, cash and otherwise.**

*Entry does not guarantee selection or exhibition.

**In-kind production prizes are only available to ship domestically in the U.S.