Bluestocking + Film Inquiry — A Collaboration Made in Cinema Heaven!

Do you like your film reviews and analysis independent? Do you want to find out more about films by and about diverse women? Then you'll LOVE Film Inquiry!

Bluestocking is delighted to collaborate with Manon de Reeper and her team of writers at Film Inquiry to bring you the best in independent film articles now at $10 off for a Premium Membership and unlimited access to great in-depth articles about film from diverse perspectives from around the world. Now that's a good deal!

Film Inquiry was founded in 2014 to counter the growing amount of mind-numbing pulp on the web. We publish meaningful film articles in an age where all other major film and entertainment publications are publishing the same listicles, gossip and click-bait.

We are an independent magazine, created and maintained by passionate individuals, without the involvement of large publishing corporations. Our diverse team exists out of 50+ writers from all over the world, enabling us to present you with unique points of view. Moreover, we also actively support diversity and equality in front of and behind the camera.

At Film Inquiry, we love to delve into film deeper, enjoying the analysis of film and the pleasure of discussing it with like-minded others. We’d be happy if you’d join us on our mission!