#DriveSheSaid: Creating a Community for Women in Film

Photo Credit: Che Grayson

Photo Credit: Che Grayson

There’s a splendid truth in the phrase “there’s power in numbers.” Because one can’t deny that people who work together are greater than they can ever be working apart. So during the two days of the Bluestocking Film Series there were a slew of networking and social events that catered to this mantra.

It all started a week earlier with a hashtag: Drive She Said, which brought women across social media to engage in a live tweeting session to talk about women both behind and in front of the camera. Each tweet was accompanied with #DriveSheSaid and a beautiful conversation started virtually about the need for complex female characters as well as praise for storytellers like Ava DuVernay and Shonda Rhimes who are presently providing those types of characters in the industry. The feeling of camaraderie during the live tweet was then carried into the real world during the weekend in Portland, ME.

One of the first networking events was held at Slab, a restaurant with its staple items being pizza and drinks. Women from all parts of the country, some as far as New Zealand, came representing all aspects of film. Each woman stood up and stated their name, their specialty in the field and what they were looking to get out of the weekend in Portland. Watching woman after woman stand up and introduce themselves one thing was strikingly clear: our commitment to equity for women in the industry being the standard, not the exception.

All of the filmmakers, women and men, who created stories that put women and their experiences at the forefront represent what I hope to be a new trend: getting women behind the wheel. We too deserve a spot on the tracks, a chance behind the wheel and a future where our success will be greater and more frequent than ever before.