Bluestocking 2017 Touring Program — UPCOMING SHOWS

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BLISS BLUE — east coast + maine premiere

Elle Schneider, director / Anna Carini, writer / Calliope Porter, Anna Carini, producers

Synopsis: A seemingly ordinary woman is clearly having an un-ordinary day.

RT: 10:19


LAS RUBIAS (THE BLONDES) — west coast + maine premiere

Carlota Martinez Pereda, writer-director / Mario Madueño, producer

Synopsis: Blonde, pretty and delinquent. Nothing stands in the way of Marta and Pepa...except another blonde. Inspired by real events.

RT: 17:00



Cameo Wood, director/producer / Ryon Lane & Alexa Fraser-Herron, co-producers

Synopsis: Set in the near future, and based on Ken Liu’s short story of the same name, Sophia has just scored every animator’s dream. But in order to maintain her artistic integrity, it’s going to take all of Sophia’s instincts and nerve.

RT: 12:00 



Daina Pusic, writer-director / Helen Gladders, producer

Synopsis: How are you supposed to act when you are conjoined at the hip?

RT: 14:40


SHAUNA IS A LIAR — los angeles + maine premiere

Chell Stephen, writer-director / Kristy Neville, producer

Synopsis: An isolated, imaginative, perfectionist exacts ill-conceived revenge on all liars of the world via the one target she has access to: a classmate sharing her name.

RT: 10:10


TERMINAL — los angeles + maine premiere

Natasha Waugh, writer-director / David C. Lynch, producer

Synopsis: TERMINAL is a short film about the decisions women make in the face of overwhelming personal circumstance.

RT: 10:50


THEY CHARGE FOR THE SUN — maine premiere

Terence Nance, director / Eugene Ramos, writer / Guilia Caruso, Kady Kamakaté, Ana Souza, producers

Synopsis: In a dystopian future where people live nocturnally to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, a young black girl unravels the lie that has kept her and her sister in the dark.

RT: 16:46


ZARPAZO — u.s., los angeles + maine premiere

Nerea Castro Andreu, writer-director / Ziggurat Films, production

Synopsis: Mar and Xara meet in a remote mountain setting. Everything is prepared to make the leap into hiding…

RT: 14:30


Bluestocking 2017 screenings

19 October 2017 — bloomington, in

12 October 2017 — farmington, me

3 October 2017 — LadyBug Festival, Göteborg, Sweden

5 August 2017 — Portland, ME

23 June 2017 — Los Angeles, CA (Premiere)

18 May 2017 — Portsmouth, NH (Sneak Preview)

Upcoming screenings will be posted to the top of the page — stay tuned!


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