Our Mission

Bluestocking Film Series was Maine’s women in film event from 2011–2018. It started as a biannual series and evolved into an annual multi-day destination festival. Celebrating and promoting talented, established and emerging filmmakers and serving as a showcase to amplify female voices and stories, Bluestocking was the first of its kind: an all-narrative short film festival that requires films to feature female protagonist and pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test.

Bluestocking Film Series is nothing short of genius — a beacon in the storm of gender inequity in Hollywood. The program truly casts a rare light illuminating a better future when women's voices are no longer censored and silenced in American storytelling. It is just this sort of inspired foresight that could result in the inclusion of women in the voice of our civilization — at last. —Maria Giese, film director, founder of Women Directors: Navigating the Hollywood Boys Club

Bluestocking brought independent and industry professionals from the U.S. and around the globe together to cultivate ties with creative leaders pushing for cultural change from within Hollywood. Bluestocking’s work boldly empowered audiences and filmmakers alike to be a part of a vibrant and necessary cinema (r)evolution bound to influence the future of filmed entertainment. Bluestocking was a program of Cinefemme, a non-profit organization that provides fiscal sponsorship and support for women filmmakers and artists.

WHO WE (still) ARE

Bluestocking curates and showcases the "best of the best" female-driven short films shown over their 8-year run in a traveling program offered to community and nonprofit organizations for cultural enrichment and fundraising purposes. We are dedicated to the idea that #RepresentationMatters and Bluestocking films reflect the diversity and multiplicity of the Female Experience. We believe audiences are hungry to see stories where women and girls lead the action and drive the story, and we are here to provide a smorgasbord of Complex Female Protagonists.

Narrative works by women are so underfunded and underscreened. Bluestocking harvests the best, dynamic works with women in the heart of the frame, the center of the story. —Ariel Dougherty, Media Equity, co-founder Women Make Movies

Our goal is to continue to prove that audiences love a good story no matter what the lead character's gender is.

where we've been

Expanding programs every year, Bluestocking sought to attract diverse international filmmaking talent and industry leaders dedicated to nurturing women's individual and collective voices. Bluestocking films travel across the U.S.. and around the world to festivals and venues as screening blocks and to community and nonprofit orgs.

Bluestocking was the real deal with uniting women in film and talking real issues in this business. The camaraderie was real with these filmmakers, and it continues on after. —Yolonda Ross , Actor-Writer-Director

What an inspiring and illuminating weekend the 6th Bluestocking Film Series was for me. I’d covered this festival in the past in my role as Boston Globe local film columnist. But I did not truly grasp how galvanizing and empowering it is for both filmmakers and audiences until I participated myself. It was also amazing to see how much the entire Portland community embraces and celebrates this festival. I moderated a panel discussion to kick off the series and I could not have asked for more informed, lively, passionate participants — and an audience that was equally engaged. The rest of the festival was for me just as enjoyable and eye-opening. From the scope of films to the diversity of filmmakers, the festival manages just the right blend of accessible and sophisticated; it’s welcoming to all, but those who love film and who crave substantial depictions of women will be most satisfied. What a well-produced, thoughtful festival with a clear and important mission. Thank you, Bluestocking; I can’t wait to return! —Loren King, Boston Globe Film Critic


Bluestocking encourages and promotes production of narratives driven by strong, complex female protagonists, characters who are as fully-developed, heroic, complicated, and flawed as their male counterparts.

Kate Kaminski founded Bluestocking Film Series in 2011. She is a filmmaker, educator, and advocate for gender equity in front of and behind the camera.

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