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Bluestocking Film Series is an annual multi-day destination festival based in Portland, Maine. Bluestocking celebrates and promotes talented, established and emerging filmmakers who take the creative risk of placing female protagonists front and center, and serves as a showcase to amplify female voices and stories. Bluestocking was the first of its kind: an all-narrative short film festival that requires films to feature female protagonist and pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test.

Bluestocking Film Series is nothing short of genius — a beacon in the storm of gender inequity in Hollywood. The program truly casts a rare light illuminating a better future when women's voices are no longer censored and silenced in American storytelling. It is just this sort of inspired foresight that could result in the inclusion of women in the voice of our civilization — at last. —Maria Giese, film director, founder of Women Directors: Navigating the Hollywood Boys Club

By bringing independent and industry professionals from the U.S. and around the globe to cultivate ties with creative leaders pushing for cultural change from within Hollywood, Bluestocking’s work boldly empowers audiences and filmmakers alike to be a part of a vibrant and necessary cinema (r)evolution that is bound to influence the future of filmed entertainment. We are very pleased to be a partner program with Cinefemme, a non-profit organization that provides fiscal sponsorship and support for women filmmakers and artists. We are also allied with Her Film Project to promote our shared missions for #FilmInclusion.


Bluestocking curates and showcases the "best of the best" female-driven short films produced around the world.

Narrative works by women are so underfunded and underscreened. Bluestocking harvests the best, dynamic works with women in the heart of the frame, the center of the story. —Ariel Dougherty, Media Equity, co-founder Women Make Movies

We know and have proven with every screening that audiences love a good story no matter what the lead character's gender is.

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Expanding programs every year since 2011, Bluestocking seeks to attract diverse international filmmaking talent and industry leaders to nurture women's individual and collective voices. Bluestocking films travel across the U.S.. and around the world to festivals and venues as screening blocks.

Bluestocking was the real deal with uniting women in film and talking real issues in this business. The camaraderie was real with these filmmakers, and it continues on after. —Yolonda Ross , Actor-Writer-Director

What an inspiring and illuminating weekend the 6th Bluestocking Film Series was for me.  I’d covered this festival in the past in my role as Boston Globe local film columnist. But I did not truly grasp how galvanizing and empowering it is for both filmmakers and audiences until I participated myself. It was also amazing to see how much the entire Portland community embraces and celebrates this festival. I moderated a panel discussion to kick off the series and I could not have asked for more informed, lively, passionate participants — and an audience that was equally engaged. The rest of the festival was for me just as enjoyable and eye-opening. From the scope of films to the diversity of filmmakers, the festival manages just the right blend of accessible and sophisticated; it’s welcoming to all, but those who love film and who crave substantial depictions of women will be most satisfied. What a well-produced, thoughtful festival with a clear and important mission. Thank you, Bluestocking; I can’t wait to return! —Loren King, Boston Globe Film Critic


We encourage and promote production of narratives driven by strong, complex female protagonists, characters who are as fully-developed, heroic, complicated, and flawed as their male counterparts. We have a marked preference for well-structured, highly visual, cutting edge, provocative films, especially ones that explore the plurality and variety of women’s relationships.

bluestocking TEAM

Kate Kaminski, Founder/Artistic Director

Kate Kaminski, Founder/Artistic Director

Kate Kaminski has been working as an independent filmmaker in Maine since 1990. With partner Betsy Carson, she founded Gitgo Productions in the mid-90s. Together they have produced four indie features, as well as short fiction and non-fiction works that have screened around the world. In 2011, Kaminski founded the Bluestocking Film Series, a curated short film festival that requires films to feature a female protagonist and pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test. It is Maine's only women in film event and the first to receive Sweden's A-Rate (indicating Bechdel-compliance). Kaminski has a bachelor’s in Psychology and a master’s in Film Production. In addition to filmmaking and serving as Bluestocking’s Artistic Director, Kaminski is an adjunct faculty member at University of Southern Maine (since 1999) and Maine College of Art (since 2013).

Wilma Davis, Adviser

Wilma Davis, Adviser

Wilma Davis works at Tangled Bank Studios, the television & film production company of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Prior to joining Tangled Bank Studios, she worked in feature film development and production with Hollywood filmmakers for over ten years.  In her earlier career, Davis worked as a Broadcast Business Manager in Manhattan advertising agencies.  She holds an MS in Film from Boston University and a BS in Communications from Emerson College.

Michelle Kantor, Adviser (Cinefemme)

Michelle Kantor, Adviser (Cinefemme)

Michelle Kantor co-founded Cinefemme as a graduate student at San Francisco State University and has served as Executive Director since 2007. She is an award-winning director, producer, writer and editor dedicated to advancing women in the professional ranks of cinema.  Michelle’s industry credits are extensive and distinctions include Best Music Video at LA Femme Film Festival, Goldfarb Award for Best Student Film, and Thunen Memorial Scholarship from the Illuminating Engineers Society. She holds an MFA in Cinema from SFSU, and BFA in Film Production from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Michelle is also a certified paralegal, artist, mother and writer. The youngest daughter of political refugees who fled Communist Czechoslovakia in the 1960’s, she is producing two projects about her family's historic escapes.

Maria Giese, Adviser

Maria Giese, Adviser

Maria Giese is a writer-director and founder of Women Directors in Hollywood. Currently attached to two feature films, Giese was elected in 2013 and 2014 as the first ever DGA Women Directors Category Representative, and was appointed co-chair of the DGA-WSC Proposals Subcommittee providing the first official conduit between the DGA Women's Steering Committee and the DGA National Board. Giese is the recipient of numerous awards and has taught film & TV production at UCLA Extension, lectures regularly, and writes extensively about the under-representation of women directors in America on her blog. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and UCLA's Graduate School of Film & Television.